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Financing Help for Your Roof Replacement


Kanga Roof in Austin is proud to offer financing options for customers who need work on their house. The most popular program in no payments/no interest for 96 months.

When customers are replacing their roofs with the help of their insurance, state law requires the customer to pay their deductible to the contractor, so many times we see these customers finance all or part of their deductible. Also, they often pay the deductible in cash and then finance upgrades which make their roof distinctive from their neighbors, like upgrading from 3-tab to laminated shingles or upgrading from laminated shingles to designer shingles or metal.

In the unfortunate situation where customers have to pay for the entire roof out of pocket (no insurance help), financing helps to avoid the pain of coming out of pocket for the entire cost of the roof. Kanga Roof in Austin offers the flexibility of paying part in cash, part on a credit card and part on financing when customers desire it.

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