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Modified Bitumen

Modified Bitumen – The Affordable Solution for Commercial Roofing

Modified bitumen (Mod-bit) is an inexpensive alternative to thermoplastic olefin (TPO). Although Mod-bit doesn’t quite match the insulation capacity of flat-lying TPO, any experienced commercial roofer knows when to use it.

What is Modified Bitumen?

Modified bitumen roofing systems are a lot like the old rolled roofing products used in the past, but their composition and design are much more advanced. In fact, it’s actually made from asphalt, rubber and a collection of specially-formulated solvents. In most cases, Mod-bit is rolled out in sheets that are then heat-sealed together. While TPO is becoming the preferred membrane for flat building surfaces, Mod-bit is a great option for low-slope roofs on both commercial and residential structures. It’s easy to repair and quick to install. More importantly, the durable seal repels any water and provides excellent insulation during hot summer weather.

At Kanga Roof Austin, Quality Matters

We furnish and install high-quality modified bitumen roofing in single, double and triple-ply applications. Each system includes a mechanically-fastened base sheet as well as a self-adhering cap. We then use a heavy roller to strengthen the bond between each layer. In most cases, we’re even able to match the asphalt of your cap sheet to the color of your regular shingles. All of our sheets come in 36-inch rolls.

Not only do we source the best products, but we use product that comes with a 12 year warranty. Likewise, our service area covers Austin and San Antonio, and we offer customized commercial roofing.

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