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Natural, Elegant and Affordable Slate Roofing

There’s a reason why slate adorns some of the most spectacular and oldest buildings in the world. This naturally-occurring metamorphic rock has been used as a roof tile for centuries and remains a popular choice for roofing in areas where heat just never quits. The fine-grained composition of slate roofing tiles easily splits into thin layers to provide a smooth look that’s remarkably elegant and exceptionally durable in all types of weather. At Kanga Roof in Austin, we utilize innovative Tru-Slate and a specially-trained staff to give regular homeowners a chance to protect their homes with real natural beauty.

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Traditional Slate Vs. Tru-Slate

A traditional slate roof typically requires a much stronger frame than what’s built into the average home. Fortunately, the Tru-Slate system by GAF makes the look of real slate roofing tiles available to almost any homeowner. The exposed portion of each tile comes from 100% natural, hand-split slate. However, the unseen layered section of each piece is replaced by a special waterproof material. With this unique combination, homeowners enjoy:

  • Affordable elegance
  • A lightweight design
  • No structural alterations
  • Options for both new construction and remodels
  • An increase on property resale value

Whether we’re installing GAF’s slate roof, our customers are amazed at the affordability, quality and sheer beauty of the Tru-Slate product. We also offer our Arrow Line metal roofing option as an alternative way to enjoy the same great look at about half the price.

Specially-Trained Installers

Roofing slate requires a special approach to handling and installation, and our installers undergo extensive technical and manufacturer training. We understand the unique geological properties and benefits of slate, and we hold all of our employees to a high level of safety, competence and professionalism.

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